We have the same philosophy for our building company as we do for our real estate division: client service! Making our clients feel comfortable by guiding them through the whole process from beginning till end, is one of our strengths. Whether you choose for one of our projects, for a completely personal design, or if you want to refurbish an existing villa, we take care of all the different aspects of the process where you want us to.

Maybe you have found a plot already, or maybe you want our sales department to go out and look for that particular piece of land. Maybe you found this great project to refurbish, or maybe our team goes out to look for your renovation project. No matter if you have taken the first steps with us or not, the next we’ll take with you.

We collaborate with several architects who are well aware of building regulations dictated by Spanish law. They know the reeling and dealing of the local authorities and know where to get things done. They design from hyper modern villas to Ibiza-style, to classical Spanish villas. They stay with the project from the first draft until the certificate of occupancy has been signed by the town hall. Together with our own technical architect, they do a thorough follow up of the building itself and all the administration involved.

Our building division has established a solid reputation for the past 19 years. Not only do we have our own team of builders, we also have excellent contacts with suppliers, installation companies and everybody involved in the process of construction. We are able to keep the deadline we agree on with the proprietor because most of the building is done by the Moraira Invest crew and not by subcontractors.

It goes without saying we always work with high quality materials, not just in tiles and rough materials, but also for kitchen appliances, bathrooms, electrical gates, air-conditioning systems, heating, insulation, etc.

We invest to deliver higher quality than what is dictated by building regulations. Structurally we always play by the most rigid rules of our engineers. We insulate according to the strictest European standards. Damp wearing is something we take very seriously, several layers are applied to all walls and ample drainage is foreseen. As a rule, our pools are constructed with a double iron mesh of 8 mm or more. We strive to build first-quality houses where you live hassle-free, also after the 10 year guarantee.