HISTORY OF THE CASTLE OF DÉNIAhistory castle of dénia

The Castle of Dénia stands out over all other monuments in Dénia due to it being more than 2.000 years old and bringing together traces from different cultures.

The Castle belonged to a governor back in the 11th Century and important reinforcement works were conducted according to architectural studies.

Inside, we find the “Torre del Mig”, which has a remarkable architectural quality with double horseshoe arches, and the most important income, the “Portal de la Vila”.

In the 16th Century, Barbary Piracy Forces improved the fortification, leaving a Renaissance military architecture touch to the castle.

The state of the castle tells us that it´s evident that wars have happened around the castle.war castle of dénia

It then stopped being used for wars and such, and turned into a place to grow grapes until it then became municipal property in 1947.

Since that time various actions remodelling, such as planting trees around the campus, enabling access or restoring stays as the Torre del Consell or the Portal de la Vila are promoted.

Having reached the years 60 and 70, and the boom of tourism in the city, an access road to the top is built, demolishing a significant portion of wall paintings and destroying archaeological remains of the Vila Vella.

The building of the “Palau del Governador” was restored to the early ’80s, the time when Galliner Tower and Red Tower was enabled.


The Castle of Denia is located in the heart of the city and is reached by San Francisco Street. To climb to the castle of Denia everyone has to go on foot or a tourist train because, in order to preserve the state of the monument, entrance for private cars is prohibited.

Dénia neighbours have free access to the castle while tourists and visitors have to pay an entrance fee of 3 euros. Children under are free 8 and 8 and 16 years between have to pay 1 euro.

Meanwhile, the rate for senior citizens, students and pensionsitas is 2 euros, as well as for groups of more than 10 people.

THE CASTLE TUNNELthe castle tunnel entry

The tunnel Dénia Castle communicates with Consell Square Round Walls. Since its renovation in the year 2011, maintenance and appearance of this step under the outbuildings of the castle of Denia has improved considerably, increasing the cleanliness and safety than before to be lacking.

Tunnel creation Dénia Castle dates back to the years of Civil War in Spain. 1937 1938 between this step and was created to protect civilians in the bombing of aviation La Pava. After the war, it remained open thus linking two parts of the city.


Every summer, the esplanade of Governador Dénia Castle, at the top of the enclosure, home to two weeks of concerts of traditional and popular music in the concert series Music at the Castle. Admission to these concerts is free and represent one of the most important events of the summer cultural agenda in the city of Dénia.

Thanks to these concerts, the esplanade of the governor, as well as to serve a fantastic view of the city from the Castle becomes the nerve center of folk music nationwide.

WEDDINGS IN THE CASTLE OF DÉNIAwedding castle of denia

The Ayuntamiento Denia has recently enabled many weddings in the Castle of Dénia. Couples who wish can get married in the Castle Dénia paying the fee (about 1.000 euros) and being savvy that can not be accessed by car to the top and banquets can be served on the premises of the monumental complex.

Since this possibility is enabled until 2015, only one wedding was held at the Castle of Denia.


The Castle of Dénia opens its doors between November and March from 10 to 18 o´clock. The months of April and May extends its hours until 19 o´clock, and in June until 19: 30 o´clock.

The months of July, August and the first half of September, the castle can be visited from 10 to 00: 30 o´clock. During the second half of September, from 10 to 20:30 o´clock and in October, from 10 to 18: 30 o´clock.