International Penis Day

INTERNATIONAL PENIS DAY Is there an International Penis Day? Although it sounds strange, it does exist, and it is March 15 when it is celebrated. It seems like a joke but it is not, it is a way to celebrate fertility, long marriages and healthy births. It is a Shinto festival of fertility [...]

Moros y Cristianos

HISTORY Moros y Cristianos, as well known as Moors & Christians date back all the way to the year 711 when Tariq ibn Ziyad led a strong Muslim army across the Straits of Gibraltar from Morocco. His army quickly defeated the ruling Visigothic forces of King Roderick and faced little resistance [...]


SEVILLANAS FAIR IN ROJALESSevillanas are a type of folk music and dance of Sevilla and its region. In the 19th century they were influenced by Flamenco. They have a relatively limited musical pattern but are rich in lyrics based on country life, virgins, country towns, neighborhoods, pilgrimage, and love themes. Sevillanas can be heard mainly [...]

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