BRUSSELS FLAMENCO FESTIVAL Flamenco is a beautiful professionalized art-form based on the various folkloric music traditions of Andalucia, Murcia and Extremadura on the South of Spain. It mainly refers to the musical tradition which have been influenced by more modern musical styles. This musical style contains signing, guitar playing, dancing, [...]



SUN TAX IN SPAIN WHAT IS IT The term "impuesto al sol" or solar tax is a toll or tax that the authorities ask to pay for the costs of distribution and maintenance of the electricity network in Spain. According to this law, those who use solar panels have to pay extra taxes, the [...]


Costs involved with selling and buying a house in Spain

The costs involved with selling and buying a house in Spain With almost every sale we as a real estate agent get confronted with the explanation of costs involved. Recurring reactions from our clients and the often made remark ¨this is different than in my country¨. Let´s try to explain the common costs. Why [...]


Carnival in Spain, What to do in Spain in Februar

carnival in Spain It is February, the second month of the year and the month in which half Spain prepares for the carnival, especially in the south of the country and of course in the Canary Islands. However, much more is happening this month in Spain such as a flamenco festival, gastronomic [...]


Property sales in Spain 16,4 % increased

The number of properties purchased by foreigners in Spain has increased during the first ten months of 2017 compared with 2016. In total 432.542 properties were sold  In this period according to BBVA Research, an increase of 16,4% compared with the 371.561 properties in the same period in 2016. 17% of these properties were [...]