Do you know why our beautiful costas received the name of Costa Blanca?

There are three, very different but still very possible reasons and theories for this name, and we are going to tell you about all three if you keep reading!


Costa Blanca Beaches & Costas

This theory is the one that most people believe and is probably the one that makes the most sense because of the fact that this name has been given to the southeastern coast of Spain by tourists, and most tourists come to Spain for the good weather and beautiful beaches.

The clear contrast between the white sand beaches, the whitewashed villages with the blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the air would explain why it is Costa Blanca, as the term “Blanca” stands for “White”.

Costa Blanca Blossom Flower - Blossom Tree - Pink & White


Not everyone knows about this theory because not everyone knows that back in the day, the number of almond trees that we had in this region was very high. The fact that the blossom of the almond tree has a colour combination of pink and white, makes this theory very credible.

Nowadays, the cultivation of almond trees has gone down very significantly, which is why the theory is not that known amongst locals and tourists anymore because they have not seen how the costa looked back then.


Costa Blanca Beach - Peñon de Ifach CalpeThis theory is a bit less credible than the previous two we have just told you about because it generally makes more sense that a name of a place is based on the looks of the place itself and not a name that a company invented.

The theory says that the name Costa Blanca was invented back in 1957 by the British Airways company as a tourist slogan to promote the connection between London and Valencia.

This does not mean that it is a false statement, it will always remain a theory and you are the one that decides which theory to believe or which one you like best.



The Costa Blanca extends from the town of Dénia in the north, beyond which lies the Costa del Azahar, to Pilar de la Horadada in the south, beyond which lies the Costa Cálida.

The most known costas amongst tourists are the white beaches of Benidorm, which is known as the tourists capital of Spain. This state

ment is made based on the popularity of the place and the number of hotel beds, as Benidorm is currently ranking third in Europe after London and Paris.

We also have other important and known seaside resorts that keep growing day after day such as Calpe, Altea, Javea, Torrevieja, Moraira and Denia.

Altea City Night - Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is the place to go in the summer, especially amongst English people, but it is not just a summer sun destination anymore as Belgian, Dutch and German people usually come to our costas in the winter too.

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