You missed the fireworks last Saturday?! Don’t worry, there is lots more to come. The festivities will go on till the 24th of July. The fiestas are in the honor of la Virgen de los Desamparados y del Carmen.

Different bands and orchestras will give live concerts, there will be exhibitions, parades and offerings, paellas,…Here is what the festivity committee have come up with:


WEDNESDAY 13th of July

1 pm                     Entrada de la Murta: a parade through the streets of Moraira with lots of confetti, myrrh and lots of music by la Charanga Bataclan.

10 pm                  Fiesta in El Portet! From the square next to the castle we’ll go to El Portet. There we’ll dance to the tunes of  Trio la Guardia.

THURSDAY 14th of July

7 pm                     Gathering of the Festeras and Festeros for the Offering of  the flowers.

7:30 pm               We are gathering at the Avd. del Portet to start the offering.

0:30 am               La Tribu will start playing in the courtyard of the castle.

FRIDAY 15th of July

8 am                     Time to wake up! We hope your hangover is too severe  ‘cause you won’t be able to ignore the firecrackers and masclets.

11 am                  Gathering of the Festeras and Festeros on the rhythm of La  Charanga Bataclan.

12 am                  Mass in honor of our patron saint, the Virgin of the homeless  with the choir of Teulada.

2 pm                     No fiesta without a lot of noise. It’s time for the Grand   Mascletá, a roar of gunpowder.

8:30 pm               Gathering of the Festeras and Festeros

9 pm                     Procession in honor of the Virgen de los Desamparados with a lot of music. At the end of this beautiful moment you can enjoy another firework show with music.

12 pm                  Music, dance and lots of fun fun fun!


SATURDAY 16th of July

8 am                   Once more no need to put your alarm, the firecrackers will  do the job.

11 am                  Procession of the Festeros and Festeras.

12 am                 Mass in honor of our patron saint of the fishermen, the Virgin   Carmen.

8:30 pm              Procession of the Virgen Carmen over land and sea! When  returning there are the magical fireworks on the water.

12 pm                  Party with Seven Crashers.


SUNDAY 17th of July

11 am                  Mass for the deceased. DAY for the KIDS!

11:30 am             Traditional games for young and old

7.30 pm               Street show with monters, they’ll teach us to laugh with our  own fears.

10 pm                  Musical theatre Tu Cara me Suena by theatre Group El Portitxolet.

MONDAY 18th of July

5 pm                   The protagonists of the ‘Bous a la Mar’ arrive.

7:30 pm               A Spanish contest and party called ‘Bous a la Mar’…try to get  the young bulls in the water.

11 pm                  Celebrations

TUESDAY 19th of July

7:30 pm               More fun with the young bulls

11:30 pm              Celebrations!


WEDNESDAY 20th of July

7:30 pm               More fun with the young bulls

11:30 pm              Celebrations!

THURSDAY 21st of July  

Throughout the day there will an exhibition old photographs of Moraira along the Doctor Calatayud. On the castle esplanade will be an exhibition on the natural environment.

6 pm                   Presentation in La Senieta of the book ‘ Así era Moraira’.    Later that night you can buy a signed copy in Dr. Calatayud   near the church.

6: 30 pm              Screening: “A WALK THROUGH HISTORY OF MORAIRA” by Miguel Angel Rodrigez-Torices Sanz.

7:30 pm               From The Senieta started the “TOUR THROUGH THE STREETS OF MORAIRA” where we discover: the old town and its first buildings; old fishing gear; housework; and what was the typical cuisine. With the collaboration of the theater   group Portitxolet Moraira.

8:30 pm               On the esplanade of the castle, next to the fish market, an  explanation of “ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL  ENVIRONMENT OF MORAIRA” by Concha Bru Ronda and  Llobell Vicente Tur.

9 pm                     Visit inside the Castle

9:15 pm               Again we’re dancing to the  traditional dance music thanks to   Font Santa Dance Group of Teulada. We will go from the  castle to the church square.

10:15 pm             In the church square, we expect the Cor Senieta of Moraira, which will delight us with beautiful typical songs, and taste the coca accompanied by a good Teulada muscatel.

FRIDAY 22nd of July


10 am                  Parade of the Festeros and Festeras to deliver a gift to the older of Moraira accompanied by Charanga Mama’t i Calla.

11 am                   Lunch for our retirees and pensioners in the local festero Cl.  John XXIII, enlivened by the Charanga Mama’t i Calla Pedreguer.

7:30 pm               Presentation and Exhibition IX CONTEST TOMATOES

10:30 pm             ‘IT’S THE CALORET OF CORREFOC !!! A magical moment   you will not forget…something about demons roaming the  streets of Moraira…

12 pm                  Mobile disco with sound experience and circus and animation

SATURDAY 23rd of July

08 am                  And another day we’re woke up by the Festeros and   Festeras and their gunpowder

6:30 pm               XIII EDITION MILLA URBANA sporting event

9 pm                    Every party needs a fancy night club evening. So, all Moraira  come and dance with The Platinum Orchestra.

SUNDAY 24th of July


12 am                  Parade of the Festeros and Festeras accompanied by Charanga Mama’t i Calla.

12:30 pm             See you in the church square for tasting all sorts of ways of   drinking casalla.

2:30 pm               Giant paella time!!

8 pm                    Great costume parade with prices for the most original ones.