Selling your property in Moraira and the surrounding areas.

You may be thinking of selling your property in Spain at some time. Of course we at Moraira Invest Group would be delighted to inform you of the best steps to take. Selling a property is actually remarkably similar to purchasing or buying a home in Spain.

STEP 1 – Find a reputable estate agent

When you are thinking of selling your property, the first thing you should do is to find a professional and reputable estate agent who will guide you through the entire process. Find an estate agent that you feel comfortable with and whom you know you can work with, chemistry is key to a sucessful sale. Charges can vary with different estate agents; it is important to be clear and upfront on what you will be expected to pay when they sell your property.

Check what kind of marketing tools the agent uses.

  • Do they have a good web-site that ranks high in search engines?
  • Do they have a representative office?
  • What is the quality of the photos they publish?
  • Do they work with an international network of sub agents?
  • Do they publish on portals and social media?

These are all very important aspects and we assure you that Moraira Invest Group takes great pride in the marketing of all our properties.

Cheap is not always the best; marketing costs money. The good part is: Moraira Invest Group works on the bases of “no results, then no pay”. A good agent will always help you to find the best deal by doing phone calls, meetings and combined marketing. It may be important to consider working with a duel agent. They work in both the home buying and selling process. This can increase your chance in finding the potential buyer.

STEP 2 – Be prepared

You should assess the physical state of your property and decide what to fix or upgrade. Or at a minimum decorate it to a standard that you would want to see yourself as a prospective buyer.

If you make home improvements, you may or can add value to your home. You could consider getting a professional property appraisal to validate your asking price. At Moraira Invest Group we will gladly value your property, free of charge. Increase your visual appeal from the street by having a backyard de-clutter and stage inside and outside to prepare your home for photos and viewings. De-cluttering is not about converting your home to a show home especially when you’re still living there and you might need your stuff. It is about selectively tidying anything that distracts buyers from seeing things that they are getting with your property.

STEP 3 – Documentation

In order to be sure that the process of selling your property runs smoothly you should have your documentation ready. This includes:

  • The original title deeds of the property
  • Copies of the receipts for the local property taxes
  • Copies of water, gas and electricity bills
  • Details of the community statutes
  • Receipts for community bills
  • A list of any items of furniture which are to be included in the sale
  • A ‘residencia’ card if you have the official Spanish residency status.
  • Also your property needs to have an Energy Efficiency Certificate and needs to have all spaces pool and square meters correctly declared in the documentation.

Moraira Invest Group has many years of experience in helping the owners to get the paperwork in order.

Property exchange is not an option and is only used in Spain for those who wish to exchange homes for a short period of time for a holiday.

Moraira Invest Group would gladly be your agent should you consider selling your property.

If you would like to have a chat with us about selling your property, feel free to pop in to our office or call us to make an appointment. 0034-965491064. Of course you can also send us an e-mail:

Of course without any obligation.