f you are a Christian and you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God and died for all your sins, then Good Friday is the saddest day, the most solemn and yet one of the holiest days the calender. It is certainly not a holiday, it is a day to observe.

1. Visit your local church

  • For Catholics: Pray for the Lord in the Holy Sacrament. The holy rosary is especially a good prayer on Good Friday.
  • In addition to Holy Mass, many churches may also have the stations of the cross that you might want to attend.

2. Some Christian communities (Catholic and others) recreate the Passion theatrical, according to what you would like to attend, or perhaps, to participate or organize.

  • If you receive guests at the event, you can offer them afternoon tea with an Easter muffin. These are sticky fruit rolls with a little dough on the top and in the shape of a cross. You can serve it roasted or simply.

3. Alternatively, some people may fast on Good Friday. Some people totally refrain from eating and some people eat something very light. As you grow, it may be a good idea to eat something light. See the section below for Byzantine Christians

4. At 3 p.m., if you don’t go to mass, stop doing what you do and pray if possible. Tradition says that at that time Jesus died.

5. Think about Jesus’ death during the day. It is the general idea of ​​Good Friday.


  • Try to go to church or church service early on Good Friday, it will be full and it will be much harder to get a seat. Of course you can stand for the whole mass when you think about what Christ did for you.
  • “The stations of the cross were collected by St. Francis of Assisi for people who could not afford a trip to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem (on pilgrimages). They could meditate on the passion of Jesus in the local church.
  • Try to be solemn this day. Pretend you’re at a funeral.
  • On Good Friday (like every other Friday during Lent), Catholics refrain from eating meat and eating only fish. In addition, the fish must be cooked, not fried or fried.