moraira invest office estate agents in moraira
moraira invest office estate agents in moraira


In the opinion of the public, they sulk at the bottom, with politicians, journalists and bankers, all deserving each other. They clutter up the high street, have a scant acquaintance with truth, charge blood-boiling prices for doing little and ensnare you in dodgy contracts.

Wrong! If you find yourself a good estate agent, you will be very pleased with everything that will be done for you, because agencies like ours put in everything to help every single client. At the end of the day, this is our job, this is what we like to do and most importantly, this is what we are good at.

In fact, the vast majority of property sales are handled by estate agents, particularly those where non-resident foreign buyers are involved. It’s common for foreigners in many countries, particularly the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium, to use an agent in their own country who works in co-operation with Spanish agents and developers.


Many Spanish estate agents advertise abroad, particularly in the publications, in expatriate magazines and newspapers in Spain, and many also have extensive websites, some of which include virtual tours of property. Most Spanish agents have staff who speak English and other foreign languages, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t speak Spanish. If you want to find an agent in a particular town or area, you can search for all estate agents in your area on the internet with only 2 clicks.

Most agents offer subsidiary and ‘after-sales’ services and will help you obtain legal advice and arrange insurance, utilities, interior decorators and builders; they may also offer a management and letting service on behalf of non-resident owners. All in all, you will have someone working for you that is familiar in the area and can help you anytime, with anything you may need help with.

What usually makes the difference is that in Spain the buyer doesn´t have to pay the real estate agent anything at all. The seller is in charge of paying the estate agent his comission.

Also, if you are buying a home through an estate agent that is different to the estate agent that the seller is working together with, dont worry, you still don´t have to pay anything! In this case, the comission being paid by the seller will just be split between the estate agents after the deals have been rounded.


Many people tend to think that they don´t need an estate agent at all to sell their property, but this is usually very wrong for many reasons, starting by the fact that an estate agent can present a home to a much bigger audience than any individual.

If you find yourself a good estate agent like us, you will benefit from many things such as a free valuation of the home, professional photos of the whole property and publicity through the many contacts we have in the area that helps us present the property to a bigger audience, which will help to sell your property faster. Not only do we present properties to our audience, we also have partners that work with us so we can present your property to their audience too!

Finally, if the estate agent you work with is up-to-date with the IT world like Moraira Invest, you can benefit even more. In our case, we have a Digital Marketing Expert that allows us to be one of the best ranking estate agents on the internet in the whole area, which helps to sell your home even faster as it´s presented to all the people that find us online. Your property also gets presented to an audience through social media channels and a large list of email subscribers.

For more information about how to sell your home, please read our “sell your home post”


We have three offices in the area with multilingual agents and staff members in every one of them to make sure we can assist every client the best way possible. So if you´re looking to sell your home or looking to buy a property, please feel free to contact us for more information or visit the about us page to learn more about us.