Moving to Costa Blanca

Thinking of moving to Costa Blanca? Moraira Invest Group offers you a handy beginners guide!


It’s a dream for many people: moving to Costa Blanca!

They are searching for fine weather, the sun, culture, space and a life with without stress.


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Moraira Invest Group will explain how you should prepare yourself.

For example: Did you think about an application for a foreign registration number (NIE), health care, tax and Spanish Lessons?

Read more about it in this blog.


Work after moving to Costa Blanca.

At the moment unemployment in Spain is still high. There are nearly 5 million people unemployed and representing an unemployment rate of over 20%. Finding a job right now is definitely not easy. Although moving to Costa Blanca will offer you more chance to find a job, because of tourism and the need for people who speak foreign languages.

The wages in Spain are lower than in the northers European countries. The minimum wage in Spain is less than 700 euros for a 40 to 50 hours´ workweek. It is advisable to have enough financial savings when you decide moving to Costa Blanca.


Moving to Costa Blanca-Live-the good-lifeMoving to Costa Blanca: NIE

If you want to live in Spain a NIE number is important. The Numero de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) is a number on a green card and gives you lots of opportunities. Without this number, you can’t do much in Spain. You will need this number for the Notary, to buy a car, to open a bank account, to get internet and telephone, gas, water and electricity. You will also need this number when you need a contract for things such as transport, municipality etc. The NIE can be requested at the foreign police in the village/town where you want to live. Here you will have to fill out a document in duplicate, deliver proof of your residence, your current passport and one has to pay a small amount at a bank and bring the proof of transfer. You will receive your green card in a couple of weeks and it will be valid for the rest of your life in Spain.


Moving to Costa Blanca: Bank account

It’s best to visit the bank of your choice in person and request opening a bank account. Banks are usually only open at 9am–2pm from Monday to Saturday. Remember that many banks do not have English-speaking staff, so either book an appointment with an English-speaker, if possible, or bring a translator with you. Accounts are usually opened almost immediately (within a couple of days).
You will need to provide the following:

  • Proof of identity (eg. passport)
  • Foreigner identification number and certificate (NIE)
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of employment status (eg. student card, employment contract, unemployment documentation)


Moving to Costa Blanca: Civil registryMoving to Costa Blanca-why-not?

Once you have found a property and you have already purchased or rented it, then you should register yourself into the civil registry, “the empadronamiento”.

It is necessary to be registered so you can get internet access, a contract for renting and purchasing, but also for other services. Additionally, the registration of yourself and your family in your new community ensure that your children can go to the local schools and you can use the local hospital facilities and healthcare. If you are registered, you can also vote for local elections!


Moving to Costa Blanca: Tax number

In addition to an NIE number you will need to apply for a tax number with the Social Security (S.I.P.). This number is used for the tax but also to get medical care at the hospital (which is a múst after moving to Costa Blanca!).

You can download the documents online and get the documents to a regional office. Often you have to make an appointment online or over the phone.


Moving to Costa Blanca: Healthcare

Once you are registered in Spain, have some kind of income in Spain and pay Spanish income tax, you can also make use of the free and excellent health care. If registered, as a living and working foreigner you have the same rights to health care as a Spaniard. First of all, you must register with Social Security (Dirección General de la Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social or TGSS), which has offices throughout Spain, to get a social security number. You’ll need to show your passport or ID card, residency certificate and a completed application form. You’ll also need to have registered your details (address etc.) at your town hall.


Moving to Costa Blanca: Spanish class

When you really have decided moving to Costa Blanca, it is very wise to start with a Spanish course.

If you can talk the Spanish language and even more importantly understand the Spanish language, then it is more likely that you will be accepted faster. It is advisable to do a course before you leave your country. You could try to read Spanish newspapers or watch some Spanish television.

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