NEW WATER SLIDE THE CYCLON IN AQUALANDIA LARGESTOnce again, the Costa Blanca hits the news, this time with our very famous water park in Benidorm: Aqualandia.

After waiting quite some time for this to happen, Aqualandia has finally opened its doors to one of the world´s largest water slides, called the Cyclon.

The Cyclon measures 200m in length and contains some sort of vortex tunnel with 20m in diameter.

Once you start sliding, the slide simulates a zero gravity feeling, while falling down from about a 12-storey building, on a four seat raft.

You can hit speeds up to 60km/h while you experience twists and crazy turns before making it to the finish line where you drop into a pool.

For those that didn´t know, Aqualandia is not only known for this, as it´s already home to of the highest capsule slides in the world, called Verti-Go, measuring 33m height, where you stand in a capsule and you experience a free fall as the floor disappears under your feet.

News are stating that Aqualandia is now the water park with THE biggest water slides worldwide, but there are still a couple other slides in the world that are superior to these ones, such as:

  • Action Park in New Jersey, which according to Guinness World Records is the longest water slide in the world, with 601m in length.
  • Kilimanjaro at Aldeia das Águas Park Resort in Brazil is the tallest water slide worldwide, built in 2002, with 49.9m in height.
  • The Verruckt in Schlitterbahn Kansas City water park, took the prize for the tallest water slide back in 2014, however it was later rescinded after a 10-year-old boy was killed on the ride two years later.
    verti go highest water slide aqualandia


We may not be on the record book with what we currently have, but we do have some of the largest water slides worldwide, and we have the largest ones from Europe, so what are you waiting for?

Aqualandia is now offering tickets from 20€ (Junior aged 4-12 or senior 65+)  and 25€ tickets for adults. Only Available Saturday & Sunday until the end of June.

Normal day tickets which can be used until 29 September 2019 go for 26€ for juniors and seniors with adults again paying a higher price of 34€.

If you happen to be going as a family of four, you can get a ticket for 112€ which includes two adults and two juniors. If you have one child you can get a family ticket for three at 89€. These are only available online.

They also offer a ‘super friends’ ticket at 33€ per person which only applies to groups of five or more.