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Every new to build house starts with a plot of land. Finding the right plots for sale is not always that easy. Besides all physical requirements there is a lot of paperwork involved. The best way to be sure all paperwork is done properly is to let it check by a good lawyer. A lot of buyers in the past are seduced to buy a plot without a lawyer and sitting on the blisters now. What is so special here in Spain with plots of land? In most European countries land is registred at the cadastre or land registry. In Spain the registry and the cadastre are two seperate organizations. There is no automatic connection between them. Often buyers are offered a peace of land with a paper of the cadastre prooving the land is registred correctly. To be very clear: the cadastre is not leading in this matter but the registry is. The registry is the official translation of the escritura (title deed). The owner of the land is responsible for the registry in the land registry and the cadastre.
Nowadays transfers of land are going by the notary. He is responsible for the registration in the land register and will insist that you register in the cadastre.
At the moment Spain is catching up with old escritura´s and registries where the description of the land is not identifiable and measurable with the physical situation. In the most urbanistic situations the paperwork is OK or at least traceable. On rustic or agricultural land you have to be more alert.
Just do the buying a plot of land with a good real estate agent like Moraira Invest Group in combination with a good lawyer who knows or has access to all urbanistic rules, regulations and laws.
The price of plots for sale is reflected by a few physical requirements like acreage, views, distance to the sea, distance to the centre of town, distance to amenities, orientation, level and type of plot. And of course there is the market or rather the shortage of land. One of the most common questions is: ¨Do you have plots for sale on walking distance of the town or sea with sea views and a lot of privacy¨. The few plots that are matching this requirement, especially those on first or second line have their pricetag. Be prepared to make consessions finding the right piece of land in our area. Contact us and we will help you in finding this last piece of land!