The selling process starts with listing your property at a reliable real estate agent like Moraira Invest Group.  There are still people trying to sell their house private.  Be aware that a lot of the horrible stories about  property transactions come out of this corner.
Listing a property with Moraira Invest Group takes away all of your worries. We will guide you through the whole process of practical, legal, tax and financial obstacles.
When you contact us, one of our sales representatives will advice you about a realistic price to put your property in the market. Once  there is a mutual agreement about the selling price the sales representative will visit your house and lists all the details. A photographer will take professional pictures.  If we have all data we will present your property on our website and publish it to our extensive  network.  This process is on a no cure no pay base. The whole process will be sealed by a sales agreement.


Moraira Invest Group will put in a lot of effort to bring your property under the attention of buyers.
What can you do to maximize the chance on selling your house?
When we visit your house with a possible buyer the first impression is very important!
A clean house (and garden) will make this first impression improve a lot. Be critical to yourself and stow away everything that is disturbing the view. Kitchens and bathrooms look much better when they are as empty as possible. Maybe a bit of paint can change the whole look of your house.
Our sales representatives can give you advice on this matter.


When a buyer is interested in your house we will start the negotiations. We will be in lead of the negotiations and will act in your best interest. Experience learned that direct contact between buyer and seller during the negotiations can lead to undesirable situations. When a buyer decides for your house he makes a reservation. The reservation fee will be payed and a reservation contract made.  The buyer has 3 weeks time to arrange a deposit of 10% of the agreed selling price and sign the sales contract. The buyer appoints a lawyer to guide him on the way to the notary. The lawyer will collect all the documents and data necessary.
Once all documents are complete, a date for the notary will be set and the sale will be legally finalized.


To sell your house  you have to provide a number of documents.
At the moment we take a house for sale, Moraira Invest Group needs copies of the escritura, your NIE and the IBI. We need them to make a first check to prevent issues in the process.

Our sales representative will inform you which documents are needed in which stage of the process.


A sales transaction of a property brings costs for buyer and seller. As a seller you have to reckon with:

Capital gains tax

Income Tax Provision (Retención) for no residents


Energy Certificate

Agency commission

When you have a mortgage there can be bankcosts.

Our sales representative can inform you about the exact costs in your situation.