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Thinking About Your Summer Vacation Yet? Don´t know where to go with your kids?Magic Costa Blanca - Hotel Chain - Resort Spain

The Costa Blanca is the place to be for everyone trying to make their summer holidays unforgettable!

Today we bring you one of the latest updates from one of the best hotel chains on the Costa Blanca.

Magic Costa Blanca is one of the biggest hotel chains on the Costa Blanca and they keep working hard and making improvements to make your holidays unforgettable. This low season they take advatage of less activity to do some major conservation work and improve its facilities.

They are currently facing the strong competition from Turkey, but they see this as something positive to keep improving and establish new incentives for customers.

Magic Costa Blanca - Hotel Chain Costa Blanca - ResortTurkey is becoming a stronger tourist destination every year and they make the competition lay high in the European market.

Javier García [Vice President of Magic Costa Blanca] says ” There is no point in lamenting or being afraid when the competition grows. Improving the supply of facilities and services will always make our own company more attractive and avoid regretting the diversion of tourists ”

Leisure areas have been the main focus for Magic Costa Blanca, especially in the chain’s most successful last generation resort: Magic Robin Hood.

Last year the capacity of the resort was expanded and sports areas were doubled. This year they build a skate park for the practice of any sport on small wheels.
They have also set up a new “Gastro Fun” in which the best gastronomy is fused with the most innovative shows such as Robin Hood.

In addition, Magic Costa Blanca has decided to take a step into the growing virtual reality world with virtual reality devices in some of its establishments, completing the offer of Game Experience rooms, a new concept of family fun based on spaces dedicated to traditional games, video games of all kinds and virtual reality.

Costa Blanca - Spain - Holiday - Vacation

These are “magical” spaces that invite us to enter a world of games to enjoy for the whole family, from arcade machines to the most modern consoles and videogames, so that the holidays become an opportunity for the family to enjoy united of new experiences.

Magic Costa Blanca will also launch their chain app in the new season to provide guests with timely information on schedules, entertainment plans and all the relevant info that customers may need for a perfect vacation.

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