Are you trying to sell your home? You may be having a hard time selling it and we are about to present to you the Top 4 reasons why you may be struggling.Sell your Home
Selling a home is not as easy as it looks or sounds and it usually is stressful for some people while it´s quite easy for others.
The current state of the market we are in says that more people are looking to buy homes than there are people willing to sell, and very often all you have to do is name a reasonable price and advertise it when your home is in a desirable location, where property values are high, just like the Costa Blanca.
There are also times where it seems like the world is against you when you see people selling their homes on the same streets or neighbourhoods as yours within a couple of weeks and your home is languishing on the market forever. If this is what you are going through and your home won´t sell, continue reading to find four reasons why you might be struggling to sell your home.


PRICE TOO HIGHYou may find yourself in a very good area to sell your home and you may think that you can come up with a very ambitious price due to this factor, and that is usually a big mistake. Supply and demand set the price.
If people are interested in buying a home in your area, you can usually ask above market and reliably get your asking price, but you need to keep it reasonable, keeping in mind the current state of the market because you might find people that just aren´t willing to pay what you´re asking.
Good Tip: Look at what other homes in your area are selling for (especially homes with similar characteristics) and consider coming down a little bit to get a slight advantage over them.


Heading to a completely random local real estate agent and listing your home in a newspaper is not effective anymore due to the huge technological changes that EXPOSURE PROBLEMShave been happening around the globe.
If you are truly looking to sell your home at a good rate and have most of the work done by experts, you want to work with an experienced and known real estate company that knows the area, and also has extensive knowledge of digital marketing, which is what it all comes down to these days.
We at Moraira Invest do only pride ourselves in our sales experience and customer satisfaction, we are also always adapting to the changes and we offer professional digital marketing services to maximize the exposure of your home and sell it to the best candidate.


Most people usually do care about the prices because it´s an important factor we all know about, but people tend to forget how important staging your house STAGED HOUSEproperly is. One of the biggest mistakes people make when selling their home is leaving some personal belongings and sentimental stuff.
You want to make people interested in your house feel as they could really live in it. Having family photos everywhere and arts that the kids made, is going to put people off and make it much harder for them to imagine themselves in the space.


Let’s say that you have done the previous “reason” correctly, and no mistakes have been made there. Your house looks perfectly clean and fine on the inside. The outside matters too!POOR CURB APPEAL
If you made the inside look like a piece of art, but the outside looks unkempt, people are very likely to ignore your house. Examples of things that could give bad impressions from the outside could be old windows or doors, the house could use a paint job or the landscape looks a little scruffy. If this is the case, people will probably assume your home has been poorly maintained or will require a lot of work if they move in.
Selling your house also needs some strategy. Sometimes some small tweaks and adjustments can make the difference. We at Moraira Invest go through the complete process of selling your home, and before we get to the marketing or exposure part, we have a professional photographer come to your home to take the best pictures of your home to make sure we can market it correctly, and get it sold for you.


If you´re struggling to sell your home in the Costa Blanca and want to know what you might be doing wrong and what you could possibly do better, go through the tips we have covered in this post again and keep them in mind for your strategy.
To make sure you are successfully going to sell your house in the beautiful area of the Costa Blanca in Spain and you want it done correctly from start to finish, visit our website at and contact us. You will receive the best customer service you can imagine and we will explain every step of the process to you.