11/11 Promociones - Promotions - Discounts - Descuentos

Today, Monday, November 11, also known as the single´s day, is celebrated.

11/11, has gone from being the single´s day to a tradition in cyberspace, because this day there is a important increase in promotions, in online purchases, such as Black Friday days, for example, which in fact is also approaching this end of the month.

The date of 11/11 was chosen for the celebration of singles, because 1 represents a single person. However, although the fact of being single is celebrated, the celebration served as an excuse for socializing events for these people in order to find love.

Today, a large number of companies (especially large multinationals) take advantage of this day to increase their sales with unique promotions during the year. It started in 2009, when the giant Alibaba, recorded the date, setting the pattern of offers online through its marketplace that we all know as Aliexpress.

11/11 has not only remained in China, because many companies have seen the opportunity to increase their sales, and it has been expanding worldwide.

If you were looking for something or were thinking of buying something, this date may be the key day as discounts of up to 70% have been promised on some websites.

Some of the best-known websites to find products with discounts on this day are: