After a vacation in Andalusia, we decided it was time for a permanent home in Spain. We had already seen a lot of Spain, but we didn’t really know the Costa Blanca.

Through AzurLiving in the Netherlands we were brought in contact with Moraira Invest. They made arrangements for us to view houses in Moraira and in Altea.

We went out with Arie van Staalduinen. He not only showed us many different houses to determine our wishes and tastes, but also took the time to give us an impression of Moraira and the surrounding area. We immediately felt good about it. He soon brought us to a house that came very close to our ideal house. We made an offer and reached an agreement with the sellers.

A few weeks later we were back in Moraira for the transfer. Arie guided us to the lawyer, the notary and the bank. And to make the almost ideal house the ideal house, we have made a few adjustments, including the construction of a garage. Arie helped us with the Spanish rules and laws that have to be taken into account in such an adjustment. Even when the renovation was not going smoothly, Arie was immediately available to help us.

We can warmly recommend Arie van Staalduinen and his team and we are very grateful for the professional and personal support of the entire process surrounding the purchase from us wonderful Spanish house.

Jean en Tiny Madern, Property Buyers

Moraira Invest provided us with an outstanding service during the recent sale of our villa. From the initial valuation, through to marketing and accompanied viewings, Arie van Staalduinen kept us fully informed of proceedings and managed the whole process in a professional and competent manner. We would highly recommend the services of Moraira Invest for the sale of your property.

Stuart & Deborah Sheppard, House seller

In 2018 we decided to buy a property in the Moraira region. We became aware of Moraira Invest Group via the internet. The whole team of the office is very customer-oriented, competent and very flexible. We were always treated very well by this broker and my concerns were handled professionally. These brokers understand their job and we can say with a clear conscience that you are in good hands here. We would especially like to highlight Anja. She was very reliable, helpful and supported us in all areas. We would choose Moraira Invest Group again at any time!

Mr. and Mrs. Hofmann, house buyer

After having lived on the Costa Brava (Begur) for 3 years, we decided at the end of 2017 to move to the warmer south. Through friends we came into contact with Arie van Staalduinen from «Moraira Invest Group». They had bought a house a year earlier through Arie and were extremely satisfied.

After visiting many houses during a few days, Arie decided to show us a house that was slightly above budget, but that fully met our preferences. From the moment we walked in, it turned out that Arie had judged our wishes well. We fell in love immediately. Now we had to negotiate because the asking price was above our budget. During this nerve-racking process, Arie worked tirelessly for us and put a lot of time into the whole process. He was always available for all kinds of questions, even if these had nothing to do with the sale of the house. In the end we managed to negotiate with the previous owner, thanks to Arie’s mediation. We paid a 10% advance for the house and a year later the deed would be signed. This seems a long time but was a common preference of all parties. It gave the vendor some time to finish his new house and it gave us some time to save money. Because of this agreement, a considerable part of the asking price was reduced.

In December 2018 the moment arrived. The transfer of our new dream home. Throughout the year Arie has assisted and advised us on all kinds of things that come to mind when you move to a new place where you don’t know anything and nobody.

In short: we are very satisfied with the service and personal, professional manner in which Arie van Staalduinen and Moraira Invest Group have assisted us throughout the entire process. We will continue to see each other and his wife Francine in the future.

Moraira Invest Group. Recommended!!!

Rik en Karin Uijlenhoet, house buyer

Our Spanish story:

It is the beginning of June 2017 when we and our friends (we are 3 couples) for the 7th time in 5 years, are in Benissa for the annual holiday or the end of year celebration. Until a few years ago the area was completely unknown to us but under the impetus of friends who have a country residence here, we’ve soon learned to appreciate the region.

«The first asset» and most likely the reason to come here on vacation is the pleasant climate, of course, but there is so much more that attracts us to Moraira, Benissa and Calpe. The «easy going lifestyle», the casualness, the delicious food, the hospitality of the people, the friendly prices, etc. are just some of the many advantages of the Costa Blanca.

For many, vacation means peace and doing nothing. In our group the ladies enjoy a quiet afternoon in the sun around the pool. Two of the men really don’t like sunbathing and prefer to take a walk. That’s how we stumbled (I will never forget) on Sunday, June 4 during one of the many afternoon walks against a gate with a sign «Se vende». Nothing unusual because there are hundreds in the area, but this was a nice house in that typical modern Spanish style, on top of the mountain in an oasis of peace. We both thought it was a nice «thing», or at least nice enough to try to have a better look than from the street. Bruno pushed the gate and yes, it opened. Bruno also noticed that the shutters on the upper floor were completely closed and could therefore decide that the house was more than likely not occupied. We gathered all our courage and stepped inside, so that we could take a look around the whole house and the garden. We could also secretly peep inside and at first glance everything seemed fine, except for a few details (pool needed a makeover, because it was quite desolate, the covered pergola seemed on the small side for such a large house, because in the end we all want to live outdoors as much as possible in Spain, but otherwise there was really nothing insurmountable and the house was in very good condition (was only about 6 years old we would later find out)).

NOT or NEVER intended to buy a house in Spain, but the curiosity was triggered and I wanted to have a look inside the house. I mailed the same 4th of June (Sunday) with the question whether it was possible to visit the house. That same evening I got an answer and yes, two days later on Tuesday we were allowed to visit the house. An appointment was made and so it happened. The three of us (the 3 men) went on that famous Tuesday (June 6th) where we met «Anja» from Moraira Invest Group for the first time. (Later it will become clear that she is the red thread throughout the process). She represented the seller of the house. We then walked around with the three of us and even went to the «catacombs» of the house to check if everything was OK up to and including the foundations. We could not find any defect that was not immediately visible and what we also noticed was the working method of Anja. We got carte blanche and she did not «push» anything, plus she answered all the questions we asked her (the fun ones and the less fun). Sometimes we were told in all honesty «I do not know», but that did not bother us either. Rather, «I do not know» than a forced lie to spawn us. Her casual approach was one of the reasons that gave us a very comfortable and pleasant feeling after our visit.

After a first (rather long) visit and a barrage of questions to Anja we returned with the promise that we would make a bid. That is how it happened, that same day (June 6th) I made an offer. After two days of negotiating back and forth, there was a «deal». That was on Thursday 8th of June. That same evening, the sales agreement was concluded and the advance was paid.

And there you are, you have just ACCIDENTALLY AND TOTALLY UNEXPECTEDLY bought a house, you speak several languages, except a word of Spanish and do not know where to start first or last. (In the margins nonetheless mentioning that at the signing that evening there was a misunderstanding about a relatively small amount. It is the CEO of Moraira Invest Group, Mr. Arie Van Staalduinen who intervened and who negotiated in our advantage with the seller. We found out later that we were probably at the wrong end and misunderstood, yet Arie never made a point of it, great class, that man!!).

And then …. Suddenly the most bizarre «stories» of things that happen on the Spanish real estate market are going through your mind making you a bit insecure and allowing doubts to take over. Actually, we knew nothing, we did not know anyone and we were about to make a fairly important purchase. We were already reassured a bit by someone we knew in Belgium, who now works at Belfius Bank and who had worked in Alicante for 10 years at the Santander bank. That gave us the feeling that all those «cowboy stories» that go around will surely have existed in the past but that Spain is now evolving quickly and that everything has become a lot more professional. (And now, 1 year later, I can fully agree).

Since we did not know anyone we could only fall back on one party and that was Moraira Invest Group, the seller. They have arranged everything for us down to the last detail. In Dutch whenever possible, in English where it needed to be for everything else. They arranged for us the lawyer, the notary, etc. The only thing we had to do was follow and sign when necessary. The «full» administrative cost would be a small 12% and indeed, on the bill in September at the lawyer we could determine that the final fee was about 11.5% on the purchase price of the house. And nothing else has come up afterwards. Once again, everything happened as we were told.

There was a rental contract with Belvilla on the house. One of the purchase conditions was that we had to comply with the existing rental contract (which is also logical). Since the house had a high occupancy rate during the summer and the rental fees were substantial, I wanted the sale to be complete before the 31st of June so that all the rental income would accrue to us. And here it goes …

Many Belgian or Dutch people will be astonished while reading the following text.

So on Sunday, June 4 we stumbled upon the house. On Tuesday, June 6 we visited the house and also made a bid. June 8 there was an agreement about the price and on Friday, June 23, that is exactly 15 days later, everything was signed at the notary and the house was our property. You should try that in Belgium or the Netherlands. Good luck !!

And when you think that was it, there was just that little extra. It turned out that the pool was NOT regularized. I reported that this would be a breaking point for me because I did not want a house in warm Spain without a swimming pool. No problem, within a week that would be solved. Knowing our Belgian bureaucracy, I was of course very sceptical BUT, that was beyond the Spaniards. By June 23rd, the day of the signing at the notary, it was effectively legalized. You understand that I already had to review my opinion about Spain. We can learn a lot from this.

There you go, so simple, smooth and easy everything went during the purchase of that house. A child can do the laundry. So far, so good.

And then…. Because we were not there yet.

As I already mentioned, we found the pergola too small in relation to the «size» of the house. So we wanted a larger pergola. Remodelling? Yes, but how and with whom and how do you explain that. A thousand questions, zero answers.

Although Anja’s job had been done for a long time and this did not belong to her task as a saleswoman, we had no other party to rely upon. Again Moraira Invest Group assisted us during the complete project of renovation from A to Z.

During that renovation I had to adjust my opinion or better said my prejudices about Spain a second time. All works were executed perfectly although they did take 2 weeks longer than expected but that did not bother us because quality was more important to us than the speed (after all, it was the winter months). And whether that quality is there! Just look at the photos and everything becomes clear.

During the Christmas period the house was rented to a Belgian V.I.P. That was right in the works and we were promised that the yard would be completely cleaned up before the guests would arrive. If in my whole story one thing has gone wrong, it was that. What I understood under tidying, the Spaniards had understood differently. They had just put all materials / work equipment together in different places until after the holidays, while everything had to be removed.

So you get a phone call from the concierge that all work supplies are lying around in the garden, a day before Christmas, one day before the guests arrived and you are standing at 1850 KM from the house. Once again (as always), Anja ensured that all materials were gone and that everything looked perfect before our minister was due. In retrospect, this was the most stressful moment in our entire Spanish process.

Probably now it becomes much clearer why I wrote before that ANJA was (and still is) the red thread throughout our project. For everything, and literally everything where we had difficulties, Anja and the Moraira Invest Group have been the rock in the surf. We are now a year later and it will not surprise you that we still have very close ties with Anja and her husband Alex. Every time we come to Spain, we have a bite to eat together, so at a nice «dinner» we pick up stories about our experiences and laugh about it.

What once was an abstract real estate agent for us, has now become our comrades. As a company that counts! In terms of service you can hardly score higher, I think.

PS We are now a year further on and we like it more and more here. To the extent that my wife dares to drop sometimes, to settle permanently in Spain and leave Belgium for what it is. Although I am not ready for it today, I certainly do not exclude that possibility. If it ever comes this far then we will certainly build our own place here, completely to our liking and according to our building style. And if it ever comes to that … … we already know who will build that house for us.

Our names and telephone numbers are known at Moraira Invest Group, you can always request them as far as we are concerned.

Martine and Eddy van Nuffel, home buyers

Last year we sold our house through Moraira Invest Group where everything was handled very quickly and correctly. We are very satisfied with the cooperation.

Ben and Mieke Meulman, Home Seller

We have bought a villa in Benissa through Moraira Invest Group. We have only taken one agent and are very satisfied with the progress; everything has been handled via Moraira Invest. Together with a lawyer in Moraira they have solved everything perfectly.
Furthermore, we have had minor renovations carried out via Moraira Invest, while we were in Belgium. Everything went perfect.
Moraira Invest also does the pool and garden maintenance now, so that everything is kept well when we are in Belgium.
If there are problems, we can always appeal to Moraira Invest.
Service and trust are the most important when purchasing a new or existing home.

Frits and José Geurts, Home Buyer

In February 2015 I offered my house in Moraira to Moraira Invest Group to guide the sale. During the discussion I indicated, «Just make it the candy of the week». Give it extra attention in the shop window and on the site. We then jointly set a sharp asking price and started the promotion trajectory.
Within 2 months I received a phone call that someone was interested. Negotiations went smoothly and the sale was quickly settled.
Then it actually starts … Then you discover what the real estate agent means to you. So many things are different than in the Netherlands and if you do not speak the language it is quite difficult. Moraira invest is very well informed about the laws and rules in Spain and if you have questions they help you adequately. This knowledge enables them to carry out the entire process smoothly, from the oral agreement to the transfer at the notary, without having to worry about anything.

fam. Van der Meer, Home Seller

When buying a property abroad it is important to be assisted by a contact person you can trust and who can present a portfolio of successful projects and does not hesitate to show this to potential buyers.
At Moraira Invest group we have found this in the person of Arie van Staalduinen. Moraira Invest Group offered us a complete package from purchase to building itself.
This complete approach makes it much easier for us to realize our project.

Peter en Liz Verhelst, Your Content Goes Here

Here is my experience in Moraira.
34 years lived in this charming city and also holiday resort.
Moraira is a picturesque seaside resort, embedded in the surrounding mountains, which has a particularly favorable climate
It has no high-rise buildings, but beautiful villa neighborhoods with many beaches and a unique modern marina.
It has an excellent level of facilities in both food and leisure sector and excellent restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines.
Moraira is truly a gem on the Mediterranean with a distinct individuality, unprecedented between Valencia and Malaga.

Fam. Vissers, Home Seller

We would like to thank Elizabeth and the team at Moraira Invest Group for their tremendous support over the last 12 months. We have now found our dream home in Moraira after a fairly short search and couldn’t be happier. Elizabeth could not have been more helpful; she quickly understood and anticipated our requirements, was responsive and gave us the space and time to reflect on the various options. Overall a first class service. With sincere thanks.

Margaret & Orlando, Home Buyer

In 2013 we bought our finca in Benitachell through Moraira Invest and are very pleased with how Arie has guided us very professionally with the purchase of our house. Arie works very well, responds directly to questions / comments by email / Skype and immediately investigates things adequately for you.

In contrast to all the «horror stories» that we had read in advance about buying a house in Spain, our purchase went easily and smoothly, partly due to the fine collaboration with Arie.

Arie also brought us into contact with lawyer Juan Romeo, who helped us very well to ensure that the transfer was also legally smooth.

Again, we are very satisfied with Moraira Invest and encourage everyone to hire Moraira Invest for all your real estate business in Marina Alta.

Mahieu, Home Buyer

We would like to thank Arie and his team at Moraira Invest Group for the professional and efficient manner in which you dealt with the recent sale of our villa. From start to finish the service you provided was friendly, helpful and enthusiastic, and we really appreciated the clear and honest communication from each of you.

Alasdair & Isabel Bowman, Home Seller

My experience with the Estate Agent Moraira Invest Group is very professional and internationally oriented.

In its mediation task, the Director manifests himself very strongly on both the Building and Legal levels, which is a condition for such an Organization.

Very reliable in execution of the agreements made.

Joh Muller, Home buyer

«We decided to buy a property in Moraira in 2014. Through the internet we came into contact with Arie and Elisabeth from Moraira Invest, we send our wishes by e-mail and Elisabeth went to work with that wish list. She sent us objects that might meet our criteria. After deleting some of them and adding others to it, we came to a definitive list of properties that we considered worthy of visiting.Then Elisabeth drew up a complete viewing program on the basis of that list which she mailed us for approval.The mail traffic went very smoothly, on all questions from our side came clarifying answers and everything was mutually discussed.In April 2015, during a planned viewing week, Elisabeth spent four days with us to visit the homes from the list. The program was updated occasionally: Elisabeth added properties and deleted others, judging our reactions to certain already visited properties. So we came closer and closer to what we were looking for. It must have been quite a job for her to arrange all this, but in the end we have found our ideal property. Only a few weeks later we have made the decision and we have actually proceeded to purchase it. During those few weeks we kept in touch with Arie and Elisabeth. Additional questions were always promptly answered and crucial informationwas immediately looked for. Moraira Invest also provided us with advice and assistance during the purchasing process itself. No effort was too much. From our experience, we can only recommend Moraira Invest: they listen very well to the customer, inspire confidence, provide accurate and complete information, speak with great knowledge and work very professionally and accurately. We have also greatly appreciated the friendly and personal approach. We would like to thank Arie and team, and in particular Elisabeth, to have made the purchase of the perfect property possible for us! «

Fam. Maes, Home buyer

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Moraira Invest, especially Arie, and to the construction team led by Jose, who built our beautiful modern villa to our exacting requirements, not only in under six months but to our budget.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to future clients.

We wish them every success in the future.

Tricia & John Lacey, New Build Purchasers


The whole professional team of real estate experts at Moraira Invest keeps working hard everyday to make sure every client gets the best and most personalized advice possible in the area of Moraira and the Costa Blanca. We also have a construction department that is continuously helping our clients with all of their construction needs, so we basically are all all-in-one real estate agency that can help you with all of your needs and our testimonials show you why. You can learn more about our team here.


If you don´t know us yet, Moraira Invest is an estate agent with headquarters in Moraira for both the real estate division and the construction department and with a sister company with headquarters in Altea (Altea-Moraira-Villas), to help all clients from that area from there for a better and more personalized service, like we have done for every existing client, including those you see in our testimonials above.

If you are looking for a property for sale in Moraira, or anywhere in this area of the Costa Blanca, we are your number one go-to estate agent for all of your needs as we have already been in this market for over 20 years and know how to help every client the best way possible.