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Moraira Spain


Moraira is a small, picturesque and well-managed coastal town in the municipality of Teulada and the province of Alicante just off the Mediterranean coast on the Costa Blanca. The town is one of the most unspoilt on the Costa Blanca with 8 kilometers of beautiful coast surrounded by mountains and vineyards.

Many Spaniards call Moraira “Spain’s St Tropez” and several Madrid residents have their summer places right here but other nationalities have also found that Moraira is “their” paradise on earth.

Moraira is located about 80 km north of Alicante and about 1 hour drive on fine motorways from Alicante airport. A little longer, or about 100 km it is to Valencia. Denia, which is about 20 km north, is the place for ferry lines to, among others, Ibiza and Mallorca.

Moraira never “sleeps” but is a year-round resort with restaurants (many claim that there are about 150 restaurants in high season) where virtually all the world’s kitchens are represented, fine supermarkets such as Pepe La Sal or Mercadona but also other stores there you can find everything you need.

Moraira Landscape

Moraira is a true gem on the Costa Blanca, with its laid-back atmosphere, which attracts people from different nationalities to spend a holiday or even settle down here. In the summer, it is a bustling place with happy tourists enjoying the sunny weather, the beautiful beaches and the good food. But also, out of summer, the town remains a cheerful treasure. It has about 16,000 inhabitants of whom surprisingly 60% are foreigners who have made this city their place of residence for its beauty, its good infrastructure and services, friendliness and hospitality of its people and especially its average temperature of 18º.

Moraira is surrounded by hillsides where pine trees and beautiful villas create a delightful scenery. Its old town retains a rich cultural heritage and keeps some secrets to visitors in the form of historic buildings, fortified churches, watchtowers, castles and walls. The main defensive fortress and the most interesting cultural visits are Castillo de Moraira,  Cap d’or tower and Iglesia Fortaleza de Santa Catalina, but there are other interesting historical buildings.

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Moraira region

Moraira beaches and natural environment

Its 8 km of coastline are the main attraction of this region, with 7 beautiful beaches dotted around its geography that stand out for the quality of its waters, cleanliness and the amount of services and facilities offered, a good example is the Playa del Portet. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of these beaches have been awarded the blue flag by the European Union. Its beautiful marina is another attraction of the place.


According to many, the nicest bay on the Costa Blanca. The beach is small but perfect with children because of the shallow water. Admire the hillside where the happy few settles while sipping your apéritif and enjoying the evening sun.


The largest beach of Moraira, golden sand, right aside the centre of the village, landmarked by Moraira´s Castle.


A sandy beach combined with a rocky shore. An excellent area for all kind of watersports, like waterski, kayak, parasailing, stand-up-paddle, etcetera.


Both rocky beaches with a lush underwater flora and fauna; a genuine paradise for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Moraira is proud to have lived the last years of tourism development while maintaining and preserving its privileged environment knowing how to conserve their natural resources with sustainable development slowing the destruction of their coasts. Hiking and active tourism enthusiasts will also find in Moraira a perfect spot for doing different routes with beautiful landscapes.

Beach in Moraira

Moraira, the perfect holiday destination

In Moraira there are plenty of possibilities for those who want some action. There is the Golf Club de Ifach. You can make boat trips, play tennis, practice all kinds of water sports, go hiking or mountain biking, karting, et cetera.


The Friday morning market in Moraira is a real happening. People from all surrounding villages come to the market to buy their fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and olives. You can also find clothes, shoes, hardware, toys and souvenirs.

Like all Spanish villages Moraira has several local fiestas. Famous is the “Moros y Cristianos” with impressive parades and music. There is also the fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen with spectacular fireworks and a traditional procession.

If you come to Moraira make sure you visit the peculiar fish auction, enjoy the rich cuisine at one of its restaurants or eat some tapas and ask for a local wine. Do not hesitate, if you’ve never been to Moraira, come visit it. You will not regret it!

Moraira Tourist Information Office

Moraira Tourist Office
Address: Carretera Moraira-Calpe 8, 03724, Moraira.
Telephone: + 34 965745168
Website: https://www.teulada-moraira.es
Email: teulada@touristinfo.net


Moraira Town Hall Phone Number: 96 574 01 58
Moraira Local Police Phone Number: 96 574 09 46
Moraira Guardia Civil Phone Number: 96 574 40 44
Medical Centre: 96 574 01 76
Fire Brigade: 96 578 00 80
Red Cross: 96 574 09 50
Iberdrola: 96 579 11 84





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